Many organizations suffer from dis-engaged staff, high attrition, and low accountability. This makes it hard to increase organizational performance, including agility.

Gallup measures staff engagement since 20 years. Not much has changed, after all the awareness, HR measures, motivation, incentives etc. Something seems to be fundamentally flawed with work. Globally.

Gallup US Employment survey results.

Let me make is guess. It’s about hierarchies, silos. Taylorism has taken humanity out of work and we struggle to bring it back in. Most people go to work to earn, not to give. Purpose is missing.

As part of your people transformation you will transform your staff to be engaged, committed, and growing.

As part of the people transformation we will engage your people and value

  • People over processes
  • Potential over past performance

People are the most flexible asset you have. Learning and adaptation, a critical success factor of an agile organization, starts with people. People learn, not machines or organizations.